Green Dragon SP-742 - History

Green Dragon SP-742 - History

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Green Dragon

(SP-742: t. 17, 1. 60', b. 10'3"; dr. 4'2"; s. 10 k.;
a. 1 1-pdr., 1 mg. )

Green Dragon was built in 1901 by J. Smith of Port Washington, Long Island, and acquired 19 July 1917 from Edward German of Newport, R.I. During World War I she served as a coastal patrol boat in the Second Naval District along the New England coast from Chatham, Mass., to New London, Conn. She was sold 25 February 1922 to George E. Clement & Son of Philadelphia.

The Green Dragon™ Inn

The Green Dragon™ Inn was the meeting place for all residents of Hobbiton™, who would gather in the warm surroundings of the bar to chatter about the day’s events. The quality of the ale and food was renowned throughout The Shire™. Since 2012, we have been privileged to present The Green Dragon Inn as part of our experience. The Green Dragon Inn is an exceptional example of expert craftsmanship.

You will finish your tour of the movie set with a visit to the famous Green Dragon Inn. The interior of the Inn has been fully reconstructed to appear as it did in the films to give you the opportunity to enjoy the pub in all its splendour as a part of your experience at Hobbiton Movie Set.

Indulge in a complimentary beverage from our Hobbit™ Southfarthing™ range, which encompasses two traditional ales, an apple cider or non-alcoholic ginger beer, all handcrafted and exclusive to Hobbiton™ Movie Set. We also have a delicious range of traditional fayre available for purchase. Whether you choose to enjoy these in a comfortable armchair by the roaring fire, or in the Beer Garden, overlooking the enchanting village, the Green Dragon Inn promises to be a trip to the pub you will never forget!

The Green Dragon Inn is only accessible as part of a tour of Hobbiton Movie Set. The Green Dragon Inn is also available for private functions.

Please note: Hobbiton Movie Set require all customers to produce a form of valid ID in order to be served alcohol.

Goblin Valley State Park

We visited on Mon., Nov. 23, 2020 and it wasn't very crowded at all. We spent about 3 hours just wandering around the main attraction, The First Valley, with our dog (many people had dogs with them). It was warm when the sun was out, but whenever clouds rolled in, it would get a little chilly, so we dressed in layers. There isn't really a trail to follow you just wander around to see the different formations and viewpoints.

This is a great place to get in touch with nature and was perfect for social distancing. It was quite cloudy later that night so I didn't get the chance to experience the dark sky.

Located in an isolated area off Utah SR-24, Goblin Valley State Park features a multitude of mushroom-shaped pillars resembling stone “goblins,” which gives the park its name. While Bryce Canyon National Park is (rightfully) world-renown for its spectacular hoodoos, the hoodoos at Goblin Valley SP are also beautiful, in an other-wordly sort of way.

This is the sort of park where you can spend as little or as much time as you like. You can get a good feel for the park with a fairly quick drive-through, or you can spend time seeing the hoodoos and sandstone formations close-up via one of their several well-regarded hiking or bike trails. My wife and I visited the park in early October as a side trip on the way to Capitol Reef National Park.

Shortly after you pass the fee station and visitor center, there is a turn-out where you can get out of the car and inspect some of the unusual mushroom-like formations close up. The road then leads to an elevated parking area with covered picnic tables and flush toilets. Here you’ll find the viewing area for the Valley of the Goblins and the hiking trailhead. You can just take photos from the platform or take some time to walk among the “goblins,” which are surprisingly big when you see them up close.

Whether you spend an hour or a full day, the uniqueness of Goblin Valley State Park makes it worth a visit.

He dispenses good will by the pint

Terry Nixon pulls the bar tap slowly toward him, coal-black liquid and a creamy head spilling into a pint glass he’s tipped steeply toward the spout. Nixon gauges the flow, eases up on the tap, pulls again, and sets the glass aside to let its treasure settle. READ MORE

Lunch & Dinner


HOURS OF OPERATION Sunday-Thursday: 11am-11pm Friday-Saturday: 11am-2am

The Green Dragon Tavern has a long and rich history, playing an important part in the freedom of Boston during the War of Independence. Established in 1654, The Green Dragon was a favourite haunt of Paul Revere (whom we considered a close neighbour) and John Hancock (whose brother lived next door!). It has been ratified by Daniel Webster – the famous historian, that it was indeed in the Green Dragon that the plans for the invasion of Lexington and Concord were overheard thus starting the famous ride of Paul Revere.

Today, The Green Dragon still plays host to a diverse and colourful clientele, though the practice of eavesdropping has long since stopped! With a full lunch and dinner menu, it is a popular eatery with visitors to Boston who enjoy dining in a working piece of history! With a full array of Irish-American fare and a wide selection of traditional New England Seafood dishes, The Green Dragon offers a variety of options for even the most discerning palette.

Even with its long and noble history, The Green Dragon is still a vibrant and thriving nightspot and is a firm favourite with college students and young professionals. Indeed, The Green Dragon embodies the essence that is the City of Boston – the delicate blend of rich history and vibrant youthfulness! With comedy night every Monday and a selection of Top 40’s cover bands playing each Tuesday through Sunday you are always guaranteed a buzzing night at The Green Dragon!

Our Story

In 1998, Sir Peter Jackson’s team of location scouts were searching for the iconic rolling hills and lush green pastures of Hobbiton™. An aerial search led them to the Alexander farm, a stunning 1,250 acre sheep farm in the heart of the Waikato. They noted the area’s striking similarity to The Shire™, as described by JRR Tolkien, and quickly realised that the Hobbits™ had found a home.

In one particular part of the farm, a magnificent pine tree towered over a nearby lake, adjacent to a rising hill. Bag End now sits atop that hill, overlooking the Party Tree, as that pine would later be known. The surrounding areas were untouched no power lines, no buildings and no roads in sight. This meant that Sir Peter Jackson could leave the 20th century behind, and fully submerge himself in the fantasy world of Middle-earth™.

In March 1999 the crew began the nine month quest to bring the ideas for Hobbiton to fruition help was provided by the New Zealand Army, and soon 39 temporary Hobbit Holes™ were scattered across the 12 acre plot used for the set. Secrecy was key, and strict security measures were put in place by the production company throughout construction and filming. Filming commenced in December 1999, and it took around three months to get a wrap on The Shire.

After an initial attempt at demolition, 17 bare plywood facades remained. These shells would serve as the catalyst that propelled Hobbiton forward into the public eye, with guided tours commencing in 2002.

In 2009, Sir Peter Jackson returned to film The Hobbit trilogy, and he left behind the beautiful movie set you’ll see today 44 permanently reconstructed Hobbit Holes, in the same fantastic detail seen in the movies. In 2012 The Green Dragon™ Inn was opened as the finale to the journey. Guests now finish their Hobbiton Movie Set experience with a refreshing beverage from the Hobbit™ Southfarthing™ Range. There’s an abundance of movie magic nestled inside the fully operational farm.

Green Dragon has 15 marijuana dispensary locations in Colorado!

Aspen – East Hyman Avenue

Operating Hours Open Every Day: 11:00am - 9:00pm

Aurora – East 6th Avenue

Operating Hours Open Every Day: 8:00am – 9:45pm

Aurora – Quincy Avenue

Operating Hours Open Every Day: 8:00am – 9:45pm

Boulder – 30th STREET

Operating Hours Open Every Day: 9:00 am - 9:45 pm

Breckenridge – Airport Road

Operating Hours Open Every Day: 8:00am - 9:30pm

Capitol Hill – Grant Street

Operating Hours 8:30 am - 11:45 pm

Cherry Creek – New Med/Rec Location

Operating Hours Open Every Day: 9am - 11:45pm
Recreational 21+ / Medical 18+

Denver – Byers Place

Operating Hours Open Every Day: 9:00am – 11:45pm

Denver – Colfax Avenue

Operating Hours Open Every Day: 9:00am – 9:45pm

Denver – Sheridan Boulevard

Operating Hours Open LATE Every Day: 8:00am – 11:45pm

Physical description

The plantain plant is a gigantic herb that springs from an underground stem, or rhizome. Most varieties are 3–10 metres (10–33 feet) tall and have a conical false “trunk” formed by the leaf sheaths of long spirally arranged leaves. The fruit, which is green to brown-yellow, is typically larger than the common banana and is borne in bunches.

The Green Gator now has two locations. The original Frisco location which started in March, 2015 which is in World Cup Plaza next to FC Dallas stadium, Toyota Park. The new one which opened March 1, 2019 is in the Toyota Music Factory in Las Colinas. Both offer amazing home made crafted Cajun foods, the freshest seafood available, with half our menu being American styled food which makes any customer happy when they dine here. We are your neighborhood restaurant & bar that does FUN FOOD SPORTS with an awesome staff to make the whole family happy. Come catch your team play on our HD TV's with a huge wall TV HD screen, and great patio with all your friends. Live Music & our famous brunch served on weekends, & we can cater all special events for your family & business. Laissez le bon remps rouler.

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Strong Dragon Armor

Helmet Chestplate Leggings Boots Total Image
Strength +25
Health +70
Defense +110
Strength +25
Health +120
Defense +160
Strength +25
Health +100
Defense +140
Strength +25
Health +60
Defense +90
Strength +100
Health +350
Defense +500

Full Set Bonus: Strong Blood Improves the Aspect of the End:

Team Synergy

Son Family

The Son Family Tag that Gohan once spearheaded now bends over backwards to accommodate him. Though it had a more Strike-oriented identity for a while, Gohan completely revolutionizes the Tag and brings it back to its roots. Strike is out Blast is in, and luckily, Son Family has the Fighters to make it work.

The Tag still uses fighters like SP SSJ4 Goku PUR, and Zenkai 7 SP Kid Goku YEL, but now its focus has shifted to a more blast-oriented approach, with the likes of SP Gohan BLU and SP Super Kaioken Goku GRN taking center stage. The synergy between these Fighters is phenomenal, and they can all perform exceptionally with Zenkai Gohan's Offensive Buffs behind them.

Hybrid Saiyan

Hybrid Saiyans are in a bit of a weird spot, with several good core Fighters, but almost all of them very strongly emphasize one form of Attack and don't synergize with other Hybrid Saiyans. Zenkai Gohan ameliorates that by completely tossing out their previous identity of Strike-based Buff passing in favor of a Blast-oriented approach.

SP Teen Trunks PUR acts as an excellent Supporter for Gohan, and Gohan returns the favor by protecting him from Yellows and Supporting his Future friend in the Blast department.

SP SSJ Teen Gohan GRN is a great aid for the original Super Saiyan 2, as protects him from Blues and Supports his Offense. This combination enables Gohan's fantastic 100% Ultimate Damage Buff, and the additional Support is always appreciated.

SP SSJ Future Trunks YEL's excellent defense makes him a decent pivot option when the situation calls for it, and he also enjoys Gohan's Blast Buffs. The same can be said of Zenkai 7 SP Kid Trunks BLU, an often overlooked Fighter who can supplement the Team's options in the late-game.

The Team is just overflowing with options. SP SSJ Youth Gohan YEL, SP Gohan BLU, and Zenkai 7 SP Teen Trunks RED are all solid Fighters that work well with Gohan, mainly because Gohan is pulling most of the weight.

Watch the video: The Dragon Series 04 - Green Dragons - Monster Monday, Du0026D, dragon lore (May 2022).


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