Names of Jews in Medieval Navarre (13th–14th centuries)

Names of Jews in Medieval Navarre (13th–14th centuries)

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Names of Jews in Medieval Navarre (13th–14th centuries)

By Lidia Becker

Names in Multi-Lingual, Multi-Cultural and Multi-Ethnic Contact: Proceedings of the 23rd International Congress of Onomastic Sciences, August 17-22, 2008, York University, Toronto, Canada (2009)

Abstract: This paper analyses names of Jews in the rich diplomatic collection “Navarra Judaica. Documentos para la Historia de los judíos del reino de Navarra” in an attempt to contribute to the so far little investigated area of Jewish Name Studies, that is, Medieval Names of Jews in the Iberian Peninsula. After general observations on the onomasticon of the Navarrese Jews relating to statistics, etymological layers, differences between the names of men and women, etc., special attention is paid to the first names of Jews of Latin-Romance etymology, like Bueno, Abenveniste, Buenastruga (f.), Vita, Horabuena Sol (f.), etc.; surnames or nicknames, like Ezquerra, Falaguero, Pesat, Gordo, Moreno, Amarillo, including professions like Argentero or Peletero, etc. The primary aim of the analysis is to detect the naming mechanisms within the Navarrese Jewish community in the Mediterranean Sephardic context.

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