Castle for Sale near Parma, Italy

Castle for Sale near Parma, Italy

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A medieval castle with portions dating back to the 12th and 14th centuries is for sale in the town of San Vitale Baganza, near Parma, in Italy.

The castle is located at 21 km from Parma, a city in the Italian region of Emilia-Romagna, famous for its architecture and the fine countryside around it. It dominates the medieval village of San Vitale Baganza, one of the nicest villages of the Baganza valley.

The property consists of the more important of the two remaining towers and part of the main body. Developed in several floors, it 1400 square meters in size including wine cellar, garage and stable. A beautiful gothic window, decorated with the escutcheon of the Rossi family, overlooks the Baganza River. On the opposite side, a window with elegant terracotta decoration overlooks an internal yard. A small garden accessible from the stable and from an internal yard completes the property.

The north section of the castle dates back to the 12th century, the middle section to the 14th, and the southern section to the 18th century.

Ground floor
– Ex-stall with vaulted ceiling (stone), with yard access
– Large cellar (100 sq.m) with vaulted stone ceiling and stone floor. There is also a working medieval well over 85 sq.m deep
– Garage of 35 sq.m
– Walled courtyard with outside yard access, 54 sq.m
– 3 doors on the street, two of which access the other floors via stairs

First floor
– 2 large rooms with vaulted ceilings, each of 40 sq.m
– 1 room of 32 sq.m
– 1 room of 25 sq.m
– 1 bathroom
– 1 large room, 40 m2, currently partitioned into kitchen and foyer, easily recombined. The kitchen is equipped with a wood-fired oven for backing
– Walled outdoor court off the kitchen of 50 sq.m
– Stairwells downwards to cellar and garage, upwards to a large stand-up attic (mansard) of 40 sq.m
– Several large store rooms

Second floor
– A large room of 40 m2 with own stairs to a second room above of the same size
– An apartment of approx 90 sq.m
– An apartment of four rooms on two floors with own connection stairs, 80 sq.m total

Third floor
– Large space of 75 sq.m with several large windows looking out on the valley
– Attic with sloped roof of 45 sq.m

In general, the ceilings are high throughout, up to 5 meters or more. The site requires renovations, and is protected by the Italian Monuments and Fine Arts Office, with the corresponding financial advantages. Optimal for a restaurant or resort, corporate retreat, congresses, exhibition centre, or other venture.

Those interested in the castle can contact:

Gaia Piazzesi
[email protected]
0041 79 308 87 32

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