Byzantium and the Crusades

Byzantium and the Crusades

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Articles about the Byzantine empire and the Crusades:

Expeditio persica of Heraclius: Holy War or Crusade?, by Nicola Bergamo

The Treaty of Devol (1108) as an Example of the Byzantine Policy of “Divide and Rule”, by Azat Bozoyan

“The End Followed In No Long Time”: Byzantine Diplomacy And The Decline In Relations With The West from 962 to 1204, by Jeff Brubaker

Defenders of the Christian People: Holy War in Byzantium, by George T. Dennis

Cooking Pots as Indicators of Cultural Change: A Petrographic Study of Byzantine and Frankish Cooking Wares from Corinth, by Louise Joyner

Latins and Franks in Byzantium: Perception and Reality from the Eleventh to the Twelfth Century, by Alexander Kazhdan

The Byzantine Background to the First Crusade, by Paul Magadalino

The Byzantine Perspective of the First Crusade: A Reexamination of Alleged Treachery and Betrayal, by Laura M. Nelson

Orthodoxy on Sale: The last Byzantine and the lost Crusade, by Silvia Ronchey

William of Tyre and the Byzantine Empire: the construction and deconstruction of an image, by Luka Špoljarić

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