Medieval Castle for Sale in Bavaria

Medieval Castle for Sale in Bavaria

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Castle Nesselburg

Bavaria, Germany
Asking Price: €500,000

Now a ruin, Castle Nesselburg was first mentioned in 1302 but is perhaps as old as the 11th century. It is located along a spur of the Alpspitz mountain, at 1038 metres above sea level.

The castle is of rectangular shape, with size of 30 metres by 23 metres. The outer curtain wall rises up to 7 metres tall. In 1996 the castle was purchased and some work was done to stabilize the ruins.

This property consists of 16 acres of woodland, and includes a 25-metre high waterfall.

It is located near the town of Nesselwang, which is found in southern Bavaria near the border with Austria. The town has 3600 residents and is a popular tourist and skiing destination.

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